Saturday, May 1, 2010

Should Texas Adopt Immigration Laws Similiar to Arizona's???

Ok, here we go with this very touchy subject: immigration. Should Texas adopt something similar to what Arizona has done with their SB 1070? I think there should be something of that nature put into place, but not necessarily exactly what they have done.

There is no doubt that illegal immigration is hurting legal Americans in more way than one. We pay taxes for care that they receive here (i.e. Medicaid/written off medical treatment/government housing, etc.). They will take jobs at much lower pay rates, sometimes even below minimum wage, and end up not paying taxes on a lot made through these jobs that they take from legal Americans. They take up some jail space and wait to be deported (minimal number) while the American taxpayer pays to keep them here. A lot of them do drive without insurance, get in wrecks (which I have personally witnessed more than once), and end up not being able to pay anything/ help out person they hit and caused damage to. The list goes on and on.

Don’t get me wrong, I welcome anyone to come to the U.S., I would just like to see a couple of things happen. First, you need to do it the legal way. Go through naturalization, citizenship, etc. and get documented. Another thing is LEARN TO SPEAK THE NATIONAL LANGUAGE. I don’t expect to go live in Mexico and expect English to fly, or Russia, China, etc. You get the point. Is it too much to ask for you to be able to communicate with people? I think not.

Are there a couple of flaws in the Arizona Bill? Sure, but it is a step in the right direction. Police have to be careful because it will be a slippery slope they are on in violating civil rights. They shouldn’t, nor should it be tolerated, if anyone is found to be abusing this power. Of course not everyone is in favor of this bill, but something needs to be done. If I go to another country, I have to have documentation showing who I am, why can’t we ask for that here and what’s the big deal with asking?


  1. I agree with you James, we do need to beef up our security on illegal immigrants. They should be accountable to pay taxes, carry insurance and speak our language (would be nice). The only way an illegal immigrant would be able to receive Medicaid, government housing or other programs of that nature, is to falsify government documents to receive them and granted that does happen. I could not agree with you more, if you want to come to America you should do it the right way. There are some flaws like #5 under the Enforcement section of proposition SB1070:
    “Allows a law enforcement officer, without a warrant, to arrest a person if the officer has probable cause to believe that the person has committed any public offense that makes the person removable from the U.S”
    Of course this document is nothing but a play on words, “reasonable attempt” to determine the status of a person citizenship. I have to contend that the document is only trying to make it harder for those who are here illegally, to live in Arizona. Now, those people will only else were to different parts of the country. I would like to see Texas to follow through with something of this nature, to make it alot more difficult for those who are here illegally to gain employment.

  2. I agree that Texas should have something similar to the Arizona immigration law. I am not saying we should do the exact same thing that Arizona has because they do have some flaws in there bill. For example, police can ask anybody who looks suspicious for identification that they are a legal American. I don't know about you, but I do not carry my birth certificate or passport around. This law is supposed to be aimed towards ALL illegal immigrants, but people from Mexico are a lot more noticeable than people from Canada. So more often than not, its going to be the Mexicans being asked for identification and that is not fair.

    But we do need to do something about illegal immigration because it is hurting Americans. It is unfair that we have to pay our tax money to keep these immigrants in jail and to pay for there welfare when they don't have to pay for taxes themselves. The immigrants used to take the jobs that Americans did not want, but now with the high unemployment rate, people will take whatever they can get. But with illegal immigrants they are taking our jobs that our Americans need right now.

    I also welcome anyone who wants to come to the U.S. for a better opportunity, but why not go about the right way. Just like Discglfr says, they should go through naturalization, and citizenship, and get document. I would also like to see them learn our native language. Maybe we should make it a required class before they can become a citizen.

  3. I have mixed emotions about Texas adopting an immigration law similar to Arizona. There is no denying that Texas needs to do something to fix the immigration problems in our state, but it needs to be fair.
    Arizona's SB1070 bill has good intentions, the state wants to cut back on the huge financial burden and crime caused by illegal immirgation. However, this new law has civil rights violation lawsuits written all over it! The law specificlly states it does not allow police to demand identification from individuals without cause or to solely deport, Yeah, Right!!!!! Who is Arizona kidding?! Whoever wrote that clause clearly has NEVER been racially profiled. This law gives police a free pass to harrass any and all Hispanics anytime they choose. For non-minorities who have never been harrassed by the police only for being Hispanic or Black, this might be hard to believe, but, this happens daily throughout the United States. So, if a legal immigrant is visiting his family in Arizona and doesnot have his papers, he could possibly be detained and/or deported. That's just not right.
    Those who agree with the Arizona law are complaining about paying for Medicad and welfare cost for illegal immigrants, however, that is not exactly true. Remember, the most recent Texas on the Brink update showed Texas ranked the lowest in providing welfare to our legal residents, so, you believe we are taking care of undocumented immigrants...that's just a myth. Additionally, I just flat out don't believe the arguement that illegal immigrants are taking our jobs...really?! These undocumented immigrants are working low-skilled, low-paying jobs that native born American feel too good to do. Let's be honest, American's feel too good to work fast food, so you really think they will work construction in Texas' 100+ summer?
    Yes, something needs to be done. All immigrants should know how to speak English, no one should be allowed to break the law and live here without paying taxes. But let's do the right thing, for undocumented immigrants in good standing who have been here for years, let them pay a fine and becomem legal, tax-paying citizens. Isn't Texas going broke?! Anything would help!
    The last thing we need is more bad legislation. We need to fix the immigration system as a whole. It's old and broken and can no longer be pushed to the back burner. At the end of the day, we have to remember that these are human beings, just like our ancestors. How soon we forget, from one way or another, we are ALL decendents from immigrants.

  4. This is in response to the blogger Discglfr'sTXgovThoughts and his thoughts on whether Texas should adopt similar laws that Arizona. I have one thing to say about it COULD NOT AGREE MORE. Everything his said was right on. What the blogger said about the problems was absolutely right on. I have never had a problem with Immigrants coming into this country, but I want it done the right way. I believe that programs should be set up to get immigrants integrated the right way. I believe speaking the language is a must. It is very hard to be succesful in this country if you are not able to communicate with them. And the problem with the taxes and how citizens pay for some of these programs that illegal immigrants get such as medical treatment is not right. If they want some of these programs then they should have to contribute through taxes just like every other citizen. Again I just want to say that the blogger could not have been more right and I agreed with all his views.